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Since 2009, Homes for Heroes, Inc., has helped over 61,000 heroes save over $115 million on their real estate transactions, sold over $16 billion in real estate to heroes, actively partnered with more than 4,500 like-minded real estate and mortgage professionals who’ve joined in the mission, and donated over $1.3 million to heroes in need through the Homes for Heroes Foundation. 

Homes for Heroes, Inc. is the largest nationwide network of affiliate real estate, mortgage, and local business specialists; committed to providing easy ways for heroes to save on a home. Shortly after 9/11, Homes for Heroes, Inc. was established to give back to firefighters, EMS, law enforcement, military (active, reserves & veterans), healthcare professionals and teachers for all they do.

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Homes for Heroes

Service Deserves Its Rewards


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It’s much more than fighting fires…it’s rescues, natural disasters and major accidents. Children not breathing and people in crisis clinging to life. We have your back when you need to come home from facing the challenges of making everyone else’s life safer.

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Law Enforcment

Like the lion, you stand watch protecting and serving our communities, keeping the peace, walking the thin blue line. We have your back when you need to come home from facing the threats and challenges in our communities every day.

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Active, Reserves and Veterans

Our nation exists because of the courage, perseverance and resolve of our active, reserve and veteran Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard service men and women. Those who stepped up to protect the values and freedoms our country was founded on.


Healthcare Workers/EMS

36 hour shifts without a break. Everything from mundane paperwork to life and death situations. Caregiving for the ill and comforting the worried minds of loved ones.

Authentic Relationships


Even with lunch time trips to the dollar store for supplies, peer drama, bullying, learning disabilities, parents and administrators, you still figure out how to give more to your students.


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"We have known Kelly for over a year. He is kind, honest, and very knowledgeable. He was the perfect choice for us! Kelly was on top of things. He always knew what the next step was and always kept us informed."
"Kelly did what he could at all times to make sure we where satisfied and happy and with out him we wouldn't have found our wonderful place"